Hedge's Postlab enables remote Avid workflows
November 4, 2021

Hedge's Postlab enables remote Avid workflows

THE NETHERLANDS — Hedge (https://hedge.video/hedge) has announced Postlab for Media Composer, a cloud-native solution to enable collaborative remote editing workflows for Avid editors. Postlab serves as an extension to an on-premise NEXIS or other Avid-compatible NAS/SAN storage. Eliminating cumbersome access gateways and high latency associated with cloud-media workflows, Postlab for Media Composer provides a positive user experience, regardless of available bandwidth. A flexible pricing model lets post facilities and media businesses use the Postlab platform without upfront commitment, and scale and shrink team sizes when needed. 

“Media companies need a way to collaborate remotely right now,” states Paul Matthijs, co-founder and CEO of Hedge. “Given the uncertainty around the pandemic, many do not want to make significant investments or sweeping infrastructure changes. Postlab for Media Composer extends facilities’ on-premise storage investment by providing much-needed secure remote editing for a small incremental cost. It’s fast, secure remote editing that delivers the same great experience of being in the facility.”

Postlab for Media Composer is secure and doesn't rely on slow and hard-to-configure VPNs, allowing editors to begin working immediately from anywhere, with no minimum requirement for an internet connection. Postlab keeps existing workspaces in sync and makes Avid's bin locking feature work in the cloud so users can seamlessly collaborate on projects without overwriting each other's work.

The solution works with all Avid Media Composer Ultimate editors, whether they’re working on-premise or from home, and supports all types of storage — an on-prem NEXIS system, NAS or SAN — or no on-premise storage at all. Hedge offers a 15-day fully functional trial.