Hula Post employs Avid NEXIS as backbone of remote workflow solution
October 14, 2021

Hula Post employs Avid NEXIS as backbone of remote workflow solution

BURBANK, CA — Female-owned Hula Post (, which specializes in delivering post production technology and workflows, launched a new service last year designed to support and enable remote workflows. Built around Avid’s creative tools and a secure datacenter with Avid NEXIS storage, the Hula Post Everywhere remote editing service empowers editors and creatives to work from home.

During the COVID shutdown, Hula Post Everywhere enabled the studio’s clients to complete their work during a period of significant disruption. Prior to the pandemic, Hula Post created remote workflows for certain clients that worked efficiently. Hula Post Everywhere was a natural evolution that enabled productions to get up and running quickly. 

Hula Post had projects in multiple stages when the pandemic hit, and implementing Hula Post Everywhere turned out to be a seamless process. Remote systems allowed editors to work from home using shared storage as if they were all in the same location. Clients that employed Hula Post Everywhere included those working on feature films, television programming and streaming content.  One example is the Disney feature Cruella, which was well into editing at Hula Post’s West Los Angeles facility when the ‘safer at home’ orders were mandated. With six Avid workstations and 40TBs of Avid NEXIS storage, the editing and VFX teams transitioned to the Hula Post Everywhere remote setup without experiencing any major downtime. 

Hula Post customizes workflows for clients who need a solution that is both user-friendly and has excellent media management capabilities, while also offering reliability and redundancy. For Hula, Avid NEXIS checked all of these boxes, offering both the manageability and scalability required. NEXIS was already a vital tool for its feature, television and streaming storage solutions, making it well-suited to serve as a backbone for a shared editing environment that offers realtime performance. As well as ensuring redundancy protection, it allowed businesses and editors to work within a seamless multi-user environment.

Hula Post traditionally has an extensive supply of Avid NEXIS storage to meet clients’ needs. Now, at 18 months into the pandemic, Hula Post significantly expanded its inventory so that clients can continue to have the flexibility to work remotely in one of its three Los Angeles locations, in a studio or in a hybrid setup.