Hula Post transitions to Avid subscription for editing set-ups
August 30, 2021

Hula Post transitions to Avid subscription for editing set-ups

BURBANK, CA — Hula Post (, a supplier of post production technology and support for motion pictures, television and streaming platforms, recently transitioned to subscription licensing of Avid’s Media Composer|Enterprise video editing software. The move ensures that remote and on-site video editors can always work with the latest Media Composer software.

Hula Post specializes in defining and delivering workflow solutions across its three facilities and its clients’ properties. This includes the Hula Post Everywhere remote editing service, which was developed to keep clients working throughout the pandemic. Hula built this around a technology portfolio that includes Avid creative tools and a secure datacenter with Avid NEXIS storage.

“Hula creates customized workflows to meet our clients specific needs, therefore, we rely on a highly-flexible technology core in order to shape the right solution every time,” explains Denine James-Nio, chief executive officer at Hula Post. “Media Composer subscription is a perfect tool for us to do that. We can manage our total editing resources, be more responsive, and at the same time, let our clients take advantage of Avid’s latest creative tool updates and releases.”

“Close partners to Avid, like Hula Post, are taking the lead in the industry’s shift to subscription technologies,” adds Tom Cordiner, chief revenue officer at Avid. “It’s all about getting more value out of their technology operations and keeping complexity out of the picture so they can keep client productions running at peak performance while demand for new TV shows, movies and other high-quality content keeps skyrocketing.”