London's Company 3 adds color grading talent
September 14, 2021

London's Company 3 adds color grading talent

LONDON — Company 3 ( has hired colorist Jean-Clément Soret, formerly MPC's global creative director of color grading. He will serve as senior colorist and brings credits in both features and commercial campaigns from a career that spans more than 25 years. A selection of Soret's top credits include HBO's Chernobyl, His Dark Materials (Season 1&2), Trainspotting 2, Slumdog Millionaire and 28 Days Later

Soret has received many awards for his work, including the British Arrows Craft Fellowship Award, which was presented by long-time collaborator Danny Boyle. He is also a six-time recipient of the Best Colorist award at the British Arrow Craft Awards. On the commercial side, his work has been honored with a Cannes Lions Grand Prix. 

“Company 3 have such an impressive roster of colorists and our CEO is one of us, with an unrivaled list of credits, they are 'the' color grading company where color is their ‘raison d'etre’,” says Soret. “At Co3, colorists are revered and have the support to work on any type of project under one roof. This is the first time I will be able to do this in my entire career.”
Ellora Soret, formerly head of color production at MPC, will be joining Jean-Clément and the Company 3 team as executive producer. She has pioneered remote grading practice worldwide and nurtured many talented colorists. Ellora has been at the helm of world-class productions for Soret and other colorists across her 20-year career, and will be a driving force in Company 3 London's growth.