Megatrax rebrands, launches AI-powered music search tool
March 4, 2021

Megatrax rebrands, launches AI-powered music search tool

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA — Megatrax (, the independent production music library, is celebrating its 30th anniversary with an improved website, a new logo, a renewed brand mission, and a newly developed Artificial Intelligence powered music search platform called Simpli. 

Two years in the making, the new Megatrax website puts the creative music user at the center of the story. Spearheaded by James Clarke, Megatrax’s director of marketing, who joined the company from Universal Music Group in 2018, the reinvigorated Megatrax brand represents significant forward momentum in its 30-year evolution. The company’s new tagline is “Greatness through simplicity”.

The refreshed branding and simplified website and music search platform represent an investment in the company’s future. The new AI-powered music search program does away with having to spend hours trawling through thousands of tracks, trying to find something that sounds like the reference cut a user is seeking. Simpli is driven by artificial intelligence and has the ability to analyze any audio reference and then deliver the closest matches to the seeker.

The Megatrax library is home to more than 200,000 tracks, so the process is a huge time saver. The user just drops a YouTube link into the search bar at the top of any page of the new Megatrax website. Or, they can upload an audio file by clicking on the cloud symbol. Simpli does the rest.

“We are thrilled that after two years of extraordinary work by teams around the world, we are now able to launch our new website and rebrand,” says Ron Mendelsohn, Megatrax president and co-founder. “Our new website represents the largest and most ambitious initiative in our company’s 30-year history and promises to be a game changer for the entire production music industry. Throughout our history, we have consistently been a leader in innovation and new technologies. Our new site is the latest and most important manifestation of that legacy, and we are so excited to finally be able to make it available to our clients in helping them to spark their creativity and provide a soundtrack for the world’s content.”