Motion Impossible's Agito helps minimize on-set dangers
March 30, 2021

Motion Impossible's Agito helps minimize on-set dangers

BRISTOL, UK — Over the past year, there has been greater focus than ever around safety on-set, as a result of COVID-19. However, keeping crew members and talent safe during shoots goes beyond maintaining distances to prevent virus infections, and it is an issue that must be taken seriously, even after the pandemic days are long gone. 

Filming equipment can be heavy, difficult to maneuver and can pose some risks. Dangerous stunts can also lead to potential risk exposure, as witnessed on social media from the Ambulance shoot directed by Michael Bay. That accident saw crews run for cover when a van exploded during a stunt, causing several injuries. 

There is no fool-proof plan that can ensure sets are 100 percent danger free, but minimizing risk was a propellant when creating Motion Impossible’s ( Agito. The Agito is a modular dolly system that can be free roaming or run-on tracks, eliminating the need for a camera operator to be close to potential risks on-set, while still being able to achieve intimate and diverse shots. 

Additionally, it has no wires attached and is fully battery operated, allowing it to move freely around sets without disturbing a shot, other crew members or talent.

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