Music Video — Chantelle Mussell: <I>Perfect Little Failure</I>
May 3, 2021

Music Video — Chantelle Mussell: Perfect Little Failure

VICTORIA, BC — Canadian production studio Lot2 Media ( has been using Blackmagic Design’s ( Ursa Mini Pro 12K digital film camera and Atem Mini Pro Iso live production switcher on music videos and live streams recently, including Chantelle Mussell’s Perfect Little Failure. Shot mostly at night, the music video features scenes inside an old, dark warehouse juxtaposed with very light and colorful performance shots.
According to director B. Joel Cran, the Lot2 Media team used a combination of Ursa Mini Pro 12K and Pocket Cinema Camera 4K cameras, shooting in Blackmagic RAW. 

“When we were in the warehouse, I knew that we couldn’t have shot the video without the Ursa Mini Pro 12K,” Cran explains. “We had someone holding the lights, following Chantelle as she was walking forward, and we were tracking backwards on a dolly. The color representation in that scene was just perfection, and it was all thanks to the Ursa Mini Pro 12K’s dynamic range and advanced color science. We shot the video in 8K and the quality of the footage was unmatched.”
Cran was also impressed with how clean the footage was, even in the darkest shots,

“In direct light, nothing looked washed out, and the black levels were perfect without a lot of noise. Shooting in Blackmagic RAW, we were able to work with the footage in post easily and quickly, even on a mid-range computer.”
To edit and color grade the music video, Cran relied on DaVinci Resolve Studio. 

“When editing, the simplicity and streamlined design of the cut page helped tremendously. I was able to quickly move things around the timeline without becoming disorganized. I also took advantage of the sync bin feature to easily line up the song’s audio with the footage.”