Music Video: David Tucker — <I>Lyin</I>
May 13, 2021

Music Video: David Tucker — Lyin

David Tucker recently released a video for a remix of his first single Lyin. The remix by Wariner follows up the original version, which has over 21,000 streams on Spotify, as well as the acoustic version.

Doltyn Snedden directed the new video, in which Tucker questions the faithfulness of his girlfriend. The video is a combination of the artist singing and playing guitar - both in his studio and outdoors at a scenic overlook - intercut with footage of the couple having fun. 

“For Lyin, we knew that we wanted to achieve a natural, polished look with a semi-dramatic edge,” Snedden recalls. “We used little artificial lighting and relied on natural light with intentional shaping in the negative side of our subject, giving us that dramatic look in most of the scenes displayed in the video.”

The video was shot on a Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 6K and was edited in Adobe Premiere Pro.

“We planned out our day to capture the appropriate mood within the scene, shooting our key performance during the evening blue-hour slot,” recalls the director. “David is a guitar slingin' artist that deserves to be pictured in a cool and badass light, which is why we chose our location of the overlook. In terms of the concept, we lucked out a little with a mild overcast day. This complemented the mood of our characters, allowing the viewers to really feel the tension and somber mood of the loneliness pictured between David and his co-star.

"Overall, the way that this project was shot and the way that David performed on camera offered plenty of great options to create a proper, clean edit. Just for an extra punch and tribute to the implied ‘breakup’, this video was colored with cooler tones in the shadows, slightly undersaturated colors, plenty of contrast, and a subtle artificial 16mm grain filter to blend the visual.”