Music Video: Davy Knowles — <I>Hell To Pay</I>
October 22, 2021

Music Video: Davy Knowles — Hell To Pay

Davy Knowles' recent music video Hell To Pay was directed by Jim Arbogast. The song is featured on the artist’s new album - "What Happens Next" - which debuts on Friday, October 22nd.  Hell To Pay features Knowles performing inside a subtly-lit studio, as well as in a Chicago warehouse. Footage of the city’s streets and landmarks are intercut with his performance.

According to Arbogast, the performance footage was captured at Shirk Studios. 

“Davy had a connection there for the scenes in the sound studio,” Arbogast recalls. “Steve (Shirk), the owner of the studio, was very helpful and accommodating - great guy!”  

The scenes in the ‘stone room’ were shot in a warehouse and in a record store called Kiss The Sky. 

“Davy and I went all around the city to find the perfect spot and it just happened to be by the record store,” the director recalls. “They were extremely generous with the locations - very nice people.”  

Arbogast says the challenge for the production was getting everything done in such a short time. This included the location scouting. Ultimately, the video was shot using a Sony A7S III with shoulder rigs and a camera cage. Arbogast wore many hats, shooting and editing the piece, in addition to directing it. The edit was completed using Apple Final Cut Pro X.