Music Video: Lucy Weld - <I>Loving Tone</I>
August 9, 2021

Music Video: Lucy Weld - Loving Tone

Singer/songwriter Lucy Weld’s (IG: @moon.goop) new Loving Tone music video was shot at Wink World: Portals Into The Infinite at Area15 in Las Vegas. The 1,500-square-foot space was created by experience designer Chris Wink, who drew upon many of the skills he honed at Blue Man Group as a designer, director, music composer and purveyor of high-impact entertainment.

Weld composed the song at the beginning of the pandemic and incorporated it into the experience. Interest in the song led him to create a music video, which would extend its reach.

“I wrote 'Loving Tone' as a reminder to be intentional, especially in relationships,” says Weld. “My hope is that this song will help people transmute fear into a positive meditation that leads to gratitude and self-love.” 

Wink hired Dustin Robison from Quantum Arc Media to direct the video, which was filmed entirely inside Wink World. As the video begins, viewers see Weld, dressed in white, walking into a scene that quickly breaks down into an undulating, kaleidoscopic pattern. When she is next seen, her attire has transformed into bright neon colors, while psychedelic painter Alex Aliume adorns her face with swirls of multicolor fluorescent paint. Later, she stands inside the sixth Wink World exhibit room, surrounded by swirling psychedelic patterns that stretch far off into the distance. 

The project was shot in just one day, following a day of prep, and was captured in 8K using a Red Epic-W camera. Kyra Uniejewski and Dustin Robison handled the edit.