Music Video: Mahalia — <I>Whenever You’re Ready</I>
July 29, 2021

Music Video: Mahalia — Whenever You’re Ready

Grammy-nominated British singer Mahalia’s new video was shot entirely on Xiaomi’s ( creator-focused Mi 11 Series smartphone. Whenever You’re Ready was directed by Alex Mothlabane of the British directing duo The Rest, and was produced by Pulse. 

The song’s lyrics suggest it’s about a romantic partner, but Mothlabane reimagined the track to represent the tale of long-time friends reuniting. Pieter Snyman handled camera work.
"Shooting an entire music video on a phone sounded like a crazy idea at first, but the moment I got to set, I was blown away by the Xiaomi quality and I'm so happy with the outcome,” says Mahalia.

The Mi 11 Series features a 108MP triple-camera setup and is capable of shooting 8K video. Paul O’Reilly of Trim edited the project, which was colored by Jonny Thorpe of Glassworks.

Watch the video HERE