Music Video: New Mark — <I>Gutter</I>
June 18, 2021

Music Video: New Mark — Gutter

Indie musician New Mark ( recently released a deepfake music video that features tech innovator Elon Musk. In Gutter, Musk sings and dances, gets arrested and drives his Tesla through a wormhole into outer space, ultimately landing on Mars. 

When not making music, New Mark (Mark Sandusky) owns a marketing agency, where he uses his visual creativity to make videos for tech companies. This background inspired the narrative behind Gutter, which allowed the artist to turn his friend into Elon Musk using deepfake technology. 

"Creating a narrative style deepfake video was a rewarding interdisciplinary project,” says Sandusky. “We had to come up with the narrative, film it in a way that every shot could be deepfaked, train a computer model to recognize both the actor’s face and then Elon Musk’s face, export a mask and use After Effects to overlay that mask onto our original subject. It was a lot of work but a lot of fun."