Music Video: Vanessa Gimenez — <I> Make It Rain</I>
June 1, 2021

Music Video: Vanessa Gimenez — Make It Rain

Vanessa Gimenez (@v_gimenezzz) recently released her debut single Make It Rain, which marks the first new music from the artist since the disbandment of her previous project, Swimming Girls. 

The video was directed and edited by Roo Primrose, who says, “Vanessa wanted to capture elements of her Camden upbringing, whilst merging them with childhood beach-side VHS footage, and a dreamlike reimagining in the present.”

To create the nostalgic collage, the production made use of a range of formats and treatments. 

“Documenting a trip to the ocean, Vanessa invited her closest childhood friends,” says Primrose. “This was to capture the awe one feels when they are transported back to a child-like state. The bulk of this filming was done on iPhone, then graded using an app. We used HD footage sparingly to add vivid pops of the waves."

Gimenez’s debut solo EP will follow later this year.