Music Video: Versa the Band — <I>Roll (Homies Love Democracy)</I>
Marc Loftus
March 12, 2021

Music Video: Versa the Band — Roll (Homies Love Democracy)

NEW YORK CITY — Versa the Band has released a reflective political single and music video - the first from their upcoming album, Free Thinker, which they’ll deliver this summer. According to Versa’s Ethan Felizzari, Roll (Homies Love Democracy) is an examination of dual issues facing the nation - the Trump Presidency and the COVID-19 pandemic.

The song was produced by Logo, mixed by DonSith & Cliff 41 Studio, and mastered by Colton Lava. The music video is a CK Films production and was shot by Carlos Diaz of Modern Sync Media (, who served as both director of photography and editor. 

The shoot took place in Brooklyn at a location picked by the band. Diaz captured the entire project using a single camera and lens - Sony’s A7III with a Sony FE 20mm F1.8 G full-frame lens. 

“For this video, I used Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects,” says Diaz of the edit. “I did all the coloring and compositing in Premiere, and special effects in After Effects. It only took about a week to get this finished product, as all the transitions were done in-camera, and I think it came out pretty good this way.”

While it wasn’t his initial plan to use a single lens, the restriction made for a more creative shoot.