My First Job in Film launches in North America, offering career-planning tools
October 28, 2021

My First Job in Film launches in North America, offering career-planning tools

LONDON — My First Job in Film, a UK-based career planning community that’s focused on aspiring film and television industry professionals, has launched in North America. The program helps students and others get a foot in the door in the entertainment industry through a range of career-planning tools and access to short- and long-term employment opportunities and internships across production and post production. Begun in 2011, the company’s UK program has successfully helped hundreds of aspirants embark on industry career paths.

Founder Sam Kirkwood says My First Job in Film provides a level playing field for young professionals eager to join an industry where landing entry-level positions has historically depended on personal connections. 

“Many talented people find it hard to get started in the entertainment industry due to nepotism, discrimination and other factors beyond their control,” Kirkwood observes. “We address that that problem by creating a level playing field, so that landing that first job is less about who you know and more about skills and talents.”

More than a job search site, My First Job in Film actively assists its members with the resources, support and industry knowledge necessary to plan, launch and develop their careers. It offers a suite of tools for career planning and resume creation, as well as mentoring and advice from industry veterans. It also operates a 24/7 Facebook group where members can ask questions and get answers from experienced professionals. A basic membership in MFJF is free.

The community lists current employment and internship opportunities in Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, Vancouver and other production markets in the US and Canada. Employers include film and television studios, production companies, post production facilities and other employers, and range from production assistant and runner positions to entry-level posts in editing, camera, hair & make-up, art direction and more. 

“We encompass every department and sector of the entertainment industry,” Kirkwood says.

Employers featured on My First Job in Film are subject to a thorough vetting process and must adhere to industry standard guidelines. Additionally, the program allies with universities, film schools and training programs to ensure a deep pool of highly-skilled talent. 

“While we cannot guarantee that everyone in our community will find career-track employment, we have many amazing success stories,” Kirkwood notes. “The entertainment industry is highly competitive and landing that first job requires persistence. We make finding the right path easier by helping people improve their industry knowledge and develop a sound career building strategy. We support our members through each step in the process.”