New virtual production stage coming to Atlanta
November 9, 2021

New virtual production stage coming to Atlanta

ATLANTA — NEP Virtual Studios ( and Trilith Studios ( announced plans for a new virtual production facility in Atlanta. The Prysm Stage at Trilith Studios is being built from the ground up for virtual production, and will offer filmmakers stable and advanced realtime workflows and technology, all operated by experienced virtual production pros.

The new operation will be led by global president of NEP Virtual Studios, Cliff Plumer, virtual production pioneers Lux Machina Consulting (LuxMC), Trilith Studios president and CEO Frank Patterson, and Trilith Studios’ director of creative technologies, Barry Williams. NEP Group recently announced the formation of NEP Virtual Studios after acquiring LuxMC, Halon Entertainment and the Prysm Stages brand, accelerating its strategic vision for virtual production. 

NEP Virtual Studios is committed to building a global network of permanent stages that are designed and operated by LuxMC, one of the industry’s leading virtual production specialists. The first Prysm Stage is coming to the Creative Technologies District at Trilith Studios, one of the largest purpose-built movie studios in North America and home to projects that include Black Adam and Loki. Trilith Studios recently expanded to 24 premium sound stages, including five sound stages purpose-built as permanent homes for the latest technologies in filmmaking.  

The Prysm Stage ( at Trilith Studios will be one of the largest virtual production facilities in the world, featuring a fully enclosed 80-foot-by-90-foot-by-26-foot virtual production volume in an 18,000-square-foot sound stage. This footprint can accommodate large set pieces wrapped 360 degrees with LED panels, including an LED ceiling, equipped for the deployment of game-engine-driven video playback and designed to immerse filmmakers in large-scale, realtime digital environments. The facility will also include a process stage designed for automotive shoots, opening in Q1 of 2022.

Virtual production processes, including in-camera visual effects (ICVFX), enable directors and creative teams to iterate on visual effects and CG enhancements interactively, and to restage digital sets, make lighting changes, adjust camera angles, and more, on the spot. These processes speed up collaboration, unlocking new creative options and solutions, and deliver significant savings to productions.