Simplifying Content Creation Workflows

Simplifying Content Creation Workflows

Content creation workflows are becoming increasingly complex as data flows between multiple work groups utilizing on-prem, remote and cloud storage. As this complexity increases it has become vital to adopt technologies that simplify creative project and data management. Utilizing a single data management plane that spans these environments can help eliminate the risks of workflow complexity such as file duplication and version tracking.

Dell EMC DataIQ and Autodesk ShotGrid

To help content creators mitigate these challenges, Dell Technologies developed a plugin to interface the Dell EMC DataIQ and Autodesk ShotGrid APIs. This open source code merges the visibility and data management capabilities of DataIQ with the shot level resource management of ShotGrid. This integration allows VFX, animation and gaming creative teams to rapidly locate and tag files based on shot status. That insight can inform decisions about when to move data to appropriate storage tiers, how much capacity a production is consuming, and when to archive. This functionality is in addition to DataIQ's native fast search, duplicate file discovery, and separation of data visibility from access (so sensitive assets stay secure).

The DataIQ ShotGrid plugin is just one example for how the DataIQ API can be utilized. It also provides a functional case study on how to build a DataIQ plugin in general. The thinking is to give DevOps teams a head start in developing tools that fit their organization's unique requirements. The documentation for this plug-in can be found HERE. More information on plugin development and the DataIQ API is available  HERE.

These tools can help you shift from a file management strategy to a true asset management strategy, but are only the first step towards getting ahead of today's workflows.

Understand dependencies

Understanding the dependencies between creative groups that exist in today's collaborative workflows is essential. Teams have both inputs and outputs that constantly influence each other. Who is accessing data? When do they need access to that data? How are they accessing that data? Is that Data in the right place?

With DataIQ and ShotGrid, these questions can be answered. Data wranglers and technology managers will gain comprehensive visibility into dependencies to take advantage of managing, monitoring, and reporting on specific shots as they move through the creative process. This will provide a granular baseline understanding for how different teams are interacting with data. Once dependencies accounted for, intelligent choices can be made for workflow efficiencies based on real data.

Apply structure to workflows

Armed with a baseline understanding for how assets are being used by various creative groups, DevOps will be able to begin applying structure to data management. With an understanding of data patterns and a structure in in place, automation can be introduced into the workflow.

Adopt Automation

One of the first places where content creators can gain immediate benefit is automating data orchestration. Critically, that orchestration must be tied to the status of data during the creative process. For instance hot data can be moved pro-actively to more performant storage tiers or data can be pre-staged for remote teams. This automation enables organizations to use resources efficiently, save time and ultimately save money.

Autodesk ShotGrid

Autodesk ShotGrid is software that simplifies creative project management and unifies visual effects (VFX), animation, and games teams of all sizes, offering:

  • Project visibility at all times

Every aspect of production lives centrally in ShotGrid, not buried in email or spread across spreadsheets, apps, and tools. See status and latest versions at all times.

  • Team planning and optimization

Always know who's working on what, and when tasks are scheduled to start and finish. Proactively fill gaps and handle unexpected changes with ease.

  • Accurate reports

Having accurate data on past projects helps with planning, staffing, and estimating, so you can bid aggressively on new projects.

Learn more about Autodesk ShotGrid Here.

Dell EMC DataIQ

Dell EMC DataIQ storage monitoring and dataset management software empowers advanced monitoring and reporting to help maximize the performance of your Isilon and PowerScale systems. With granular views into system health and data growth trends, you will be better positioned to accurately forecast future capacity needs, optimize total-cost-of ownership, and take control of unstructured data - allowing your organization to discover, understand and act on unstructured data-file and object-across heterogeneous storage systems and the cloud. By providing rapid search functionality and a unified file system view of Dell EMC first-party, third-party and cloud storage, DataIQ allows enterprises to visualize all unstructured data through a single unified tool, effectively breaking down siloes of trapped data.

Learn more about Dell EMC DataIQ Here.

See the plugin in action Here.