Stimulated.Works helps studios scale up animation & design resources
June 23, 2021

Stimulated.Works helps studios scale up animation & design resources

LOS ANGELES — Stimulated-Inc. (, the creative studio founded by experiential artist Robb Wagner, has unveiled Stimulated.Works, a new hybrid service that lets in-house creative teams scale their digital asset creation capabilities. The approach - which can be used for animation, motion graphics, development and design - combines proprietary software, curated creative talent and a full-service support team.

Although Stimulated.Works is being offered to global brands as a new option for their in-house marketing, advertising, brand and communication teams, this hybrid creative workflow process has actually been in use by Wagner and his company for nine years. It was initially developed to help Stimulated-Inc. automate and deliver projects such as Carnival Cruise Line’s immersive multimedia entertainment, the Foo Fighters’ LED screen content and visual content for Viacom’s broadcast events, including Lip Sync Battle Live: A Michael Jackson Celebration.

Robb Wagner

“My favorite benefit of being hybrid is being more creative,” Wagner explains. “If you do hybrid right, you can spend all your time being creative. Doing it the old way, once the job brief was done, all the hard work was about to begin…finding the right talent, scheduling them, making the deals, explaining the job, setting up the folders, finding links to the work, missed communications. Lost time.”

In sharing his hybrid solution with global brands, it’s Wagner’s belief that Stimulated.Works will increase productivity among in-house teams and remote artists alike when they are no longer mired in the repetition and tediousness of workflow management.

“You shouldn’t have to suffer through any of that,” says Wagner. “All you have to do is get super creative at the beginning of your project, make rock-solid briefs within a system that automates the work, and the work gets done in the most efficient way possible. My point is you can do higher-level creative work using fewer resources and with less effort overall. That means you will save time, and time is money.”