Using audio within video to attract an audience & drive engagement
Adam Gillikin
October 21, 2021

Using audio within video to attract an audience & drive engagement

Sound has the unique ability to evoke an emotional response among an audience, and although it may have a subtle effect, it is a powerful tool that can be used to set the tone of a video and reinforce its messaging. While many content creators focus the bulk of their attention on the visual styles of their video projects, audio selection is often an afterthought during the production process. In reality, it should be a part of the earliest stages of creating a video. 

Establishing a sonic brand

Audio is a powerful storytelling mechanism that some of the most recognizable brands have been leaning on for years to drive brand recognition and customer loyalty. For example, you have probably heard a song or tone marker come on the radio that immediately made you think of a specific advertisement or brand. Many companies with devoted followers use consistent audio and sounds in their content to hone in on what they are aiming to have the look and feel of their brand represent. To name one, Google is very consistent in the audio they have in their advertisements and product walkthrough videos to ensure the tone remains positive, light and playful. 

On the other hand, while consistency is a tried and true method to driving brand recognition, brands like Coca-Cola have seen success keeping their video content fresh by evolving their music choices around what their target audience is currently listening to. Over the past year, we have seen a lot of videographers embrace lo-fi, a style of music that has quickly grown in popularity for both its sense of nostalgia and authenticity. And in the past few months alone, we’ve even seen a transition toward big summer jams, as people eagerly emerged from their houses after a year of being cooped up inside due to the pandemic.

Whether you choose the consistency route or prefer to evolve with the tastes of your target audience, audio is a powerful tool that enables content creators to strike a chord with viewers in ways that can’t be done with visuals alone. What’s more, with media being consumed while on the go via wireless earbuds and connected devices now more than ever before, audio has become a crucial tool in communicating brand messages sans visuals.

Leveraging music to evoke emotion

Not only can music drive brand recognition, but it can also be used to evoke a wide range of emotions from your audience, and allow them to associate that feeling with your brand. Studies have shown that there are immensely powerful connections between sound, music, emotion and memory. 

Easy-to-use tools such as StoryBlocks Audio browser and Adobe Stock can allow for a more comprehensive look at audio trends, as well as a tool to help content creators effortlessly access digital content. Reducing the time and intricacy of the content-design process allows creators to focus on the message they aim to get across and prioritize the audience they seek to attract. 

Audio has the ability to transport viewers to different cultures, geographies or even nostalgic parts of their own past. By tapping into these emotions, content creators are able to form a unique relationship with their viewers that extends beyond a transactional relationship.

Adam Gillikin is the Senior Manager of Content for Storyblocks (, a stock media subscription service offering video, audio and images.