VFX veteran Emile Ghorayeb joins MPC Film
April 20, 2021

VFX veteran Emile Ghorayeb joins MPC Film

MONTREAL — Emile Ghorayeb has joined MPC Film (mpcfilm.com) as animation director, bringing with him more than 25 years of experience in VFX and animation. He has worked on many theatrical blockbusters, and in his new role, will continue bringing photorealistic characters to life.
Prior to joining the MPC Film team, Ghorayeb worked at a number of leading VFX studios, including ILM, Weta Digital and Sony Imageworks. His long-standing career as animation director and animation supervisor saw him supervise teams on films such as F9, Alita: Battle Angel, War of the Planet of the Apes and Riddick. His portfolio of characters developed over his time working as an animation artist, when he brought to life notable characters such as Shrek and Donkey; Halo’s Master Chief and Cortana; the T-Rex and Raptors from Jurassic World; Bumblebee, Megatron and Optimus Prime; Caesar; Alita; the Avengers and many more.
Throughout his career, Ghorayeb has demonstrated his ongoing dedication to VFX and animation, as well as a natural talent for directing. He managed his own company, which oversaw animation work on Transformers: Dark of the Moon and Transformers: Age of Extinction for ILM. 

“I’m very excited to join MPC as Animation Director” says Ghorayeb. “It takes guts, inspiration and commitment to create the visual effects for such films as The Jungle Book and The Lion King. In my eyes, MPC knows how important and complex it is to bring characters to life on the big screen, and I am excited to see if we can push those boundaries even further, together!”