Veteran Flame artist Steve Morris joins Nomad
September 15, 2021

Veteran Flame artist Steve Morris joins Nomad

NEW YORK CITY — Editing company Nomad ( has expanded its creative team with the recent addition of senior lead Flame artist Steve Morris. He joins the studio after spending seven years as a senior Flame artist at Method, where he worked on campaigns for Squarespace, Johnson & Johnson and Comcast. Prior to Method, Morris spent nearly five years as a VFX artist at Company 3.

In addition to his commercial work, Morris has also contributed to long-form content. His collaborations with Marvel include work on Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and The Defenders. He has also contributed to the films Drive, Tower Heist, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, and Runaway, to name a few.

“The thing I love most about what I do, is that every commercial, video, movie, trailer and shot is a new challenge and something new to create,” Morris explains. “That’s what makes being a Flame artist so amazing. Every day is something different.”

In addition to overseeing all work at Nomad NYC - which is increasingly integrating CG and design into their edits - Morris will also help mentor other East Coast artists, and will collaborate with Nomad’s international VFX teams in LA, London and Tokyo.

Nomad also welcomed head of VFX production Alyssa St. Vincent to their team. She joins the company from her most recent role as executive producer for Taylor James/Smoke & Mirrors. Prior to that, she served as an EP for Strange & Wonderful and Eight VFX.