<I>Spider-Man: No Way Home</I>: Perception perfects Stark technology
January 27, 2022

Spider-Man: No Way Home: Perception perfects Stark technology

The team at Perception (experienceperception.com) in New York City worked on a number of visual effects featured in the latest Marvel Studios film, Spider-Man: No Way Home. The studio focused mainly on the Stark Technology seen in the film, something they’ve been working on since Iron Man 2. This included Spider-Man’s Wrist UI, the Fabricator, and the Table-Top Hologram.

The Wrist UI is used by Spider-Man during his fight on the bridge with Doctor Octopus. Once Peter has been captured in Doc’s mechanical arms, he activates his Wrist UI, which displays a hologram designed to indicate that he can take control of the arms by “pairing” his suit to them.

The Fabricator is a box that unfolds to show several holograms within itself, one of which is a hologram of Doc Oct and his arms. Through the Spider-Man suit’s nanotech and the interconnected web of Stark technologies, Peter is able to examine and adjust Doc’s mechanical spine and arms via the studio’s hologram design in order to find a cure for what makes him evil.

The Tabletop Hologram is a portable hologram that is used to showcase Doc’s arm restraints, position and condition. It can be locked and unlocked using a biometric scan that the Perception team conceptualized.

The Belt Hologram is displayed from Peter’s belt after stopping Doc’s attacks on the bridge during their first fight. He uses it to show the doctor that his tentacles are no longer functioning and are now under Peter’s control.

The Iron Spider HUD is a view from Peter’s perspective, looking out of the Iron Spider’s eyes. The Perception team designed the entire layout of the Iron Spider HUD, including digital cues, symbols and details, and the incoming message for Peter Parker from his friend, Flash Thompson.

Additional VFX created by the Perception team include the security screens featured on the walls of Happy Hogan’s condo. Perception designed interfaces for the monitors, which show feeds of security cameras and the status of the alarm system.

“The team at Perception is honored to have collaborated with Marvel Studios and Sony on the third installment of the Spider-Man series, Spider-Man: No Way Home,” says Perception's co-founder, Danny Gonzalez.  “We have worked on all three Spider-Man films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s always incredible to partner with the talented teams at Marvel Studios and Sony, and watch the character evolve through each of these movies. Our journey of conceptualizing Stark Technology began with our contributions to Iron Man 2, and continuing to design Stark Technology for Spider-Man: No Way Home was a huge privilege.”