Arcitecta’s new solution secures data at scale, rolls back ransomware
December 16, 2022

Arcitecta’s new solution secures data at scale, rolls back ransomware

BOULDER, CO & MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA — Arcitecta (, which specializes in data management software, has unveiled Mediaflux Point in Time, a new backup and recovery solution that offers data resilience at scale. Powered by Arcitecta’s Mediaflux data fabric, Point in Time offers metadata-based data protection that secures data at scale, expedites data recovery, and eliminates the significant cost and business impact of lost data. It also provides a strong first line of defense against crypto locking, with the ability to roll back ransomware attacks with recovery point objectives (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTO).
“We are now in the Data Age, where data volumes quickly grow to billions and trillions of files,” explains Jason Lohrey, founder and CTO of Arcitecta.  “Terabytes of data are rapidly becoming petabytes to exabytes of data and beyond. Traditional methods of backing up data are unviable at those scales. Organizations need a new approach to backup and recovery designed for the scale and complexity of today’s data demands. With Mediaflux Point in Time, we are redefining petabyte-scale data resilience and enabling enterprise organizations to eliminate the cost and business impact of lost data.”
Mediaflux Point in Time helps eliminate the cost and business impact of lost or corrupted data, and provides self-service data recovery. It allows users or IT administrators to go back to any point in time to recover needed files – even in the event of a cyber attack, where files have been encrypted. Designed for the scale and complexity of today’s data demands, the software-defined solution maximizes data resilience at scale and revolutionizes today’s broken backup paradigm. Point in Time integrates metadata-based, continuous inline data protection into Arcitecta’s Mediaflux data fabric, placing data protection in the data path as an integral part of the data fabric and file system. Every structural and data change is captured by Mediaflux Point in Time and recorded in Mediaflux’s high-performance database XODB.
Mediaflux Point in Time is well suited for environments with billions of files or objects, petabytes or exabytes of data, and data that is spread across multiple storage systems and clouds. It virtualizes the existing storage infrastructure to provide continuous data protection and presents as NFS or SMB (both protocols can be used concurrently on the same data), in addition to a host of other protocols, including sFTP, DICOM and S3.

The solution works with any storage type – unifying disparate storage (disk, object, tape, cloud) under a single namespace and a single mount-point or share. It can dynamically add or remove storage to match changing needs and mix technologies of different types from different vendors at any time to reduce cost and maximize resilience objectives. Mediaflux Point in Time can run on dedicated hardware, virtual machines, containers, cloud infrastructure or any combination. It supports multi-node scaling to match an organization or user’s performance requirements, and can span hybrid on-premises and cloud deployments. The release is available as a component of the Mediaflux platform.