Audio Design Desk's new Media Bridge offers thousands of free sounds
June 6, 2022

Audio Design Desk's new Media Bridge offers thousands of free sounds

LOS ANGELES — Audio Design Desk ( is a next-generation digital audio workstation that’s merged with a large, royalty-free sound library featuring embedded AI they call Sonic Intelligence. The company recently introduced Media Bridge, a new feature that serves as a unified stock media delivery and management system. 

Media Bridge gives Audio Design Desk users access to over 20,000 free music cues from Free Music Archive; 500,000 free sounds from; and millions of media assets from paid services, such as Envato, Epidemic, Artlist and Shutterstock. Media Bridge will download, tag metadata, add Sonic Intelligence, edit and organize each file so artists can quickly find, audition and use their assets without leaving their DAW or NLE. 

“This is the biggest update since the original launch of ADD, and we are thrilled to be releasing the public beta at NAMM 2022,” notes Audio Design Desk founder Gabe Cowan. “Right now, if I want to find a song for my video, I have to leave my NLE, open a web browser, go to a website, search, filter and listen without hearing the cue against my video. Then, download the files, find them in my downloads folder, drag them to the right place in my timeline, and finally hear it with my video for the first time. Audio Design Desk Media Bridge is a unified delivery system for stock media. It gives users access to nearly every online media library so they can search, download, tag, organize and use all of those assets in realtime, in one location, without breaking their creative flow. When you combine these services with the 50,000-plus royalty-free sounds, loops and music cues that come with ADD, the possibilities are virtually unlimited.” 

Audio Design Desk offers monthly subscription packages that start as low as $8.99. They also offer annual and perpetual licensing options.