Audio Developer Conference set to take place this month
November 1, 2022

Audio Developer Conference set to take place this month

SAN FRANCISCO — The 8th Annual Audio Developer Conference ( will take place from November 14th through 16th in London, and while the in-person portion is sold out, tickets are still available to attend the online experience using the Gather virtual venue platform. 

The conference will feature 65 talks, keynotes, panels and workshops focusing on a range of audio development technologies, including music applications, gaming, audio processing and embedded systems. Participants, whether in-person or online, can acquire new skills and network for career development through direct contact with representatives from Apple, Focusrite, Avid, GPU Audio, Audiotonix, Nvidia and many others. 

Some of this year’s topics include: “The Musical Instruments of Star Trek” by Astrid Bin; Incompleteness is a Feature Not a Bug” by David Zicarelli; and “Solving GPU Audio Processing Problems” by GPU Audio and the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute. There wil also be an “Audio Industry Health Check Panel” with CEOs and CTOs from Focusrite, InMusic, Image-Line Software and Source Elements.

Check out the complete schedule online at