Carbon welcomes VFX supervisor Isaac Irvin
June 14, 2022

Carbon welcomes VFX supervisor Isaac Irvin

LOS ANGELES — VFX supervisor Isaac Irvin is bringing his skills and artistry to VFX studio Carbon (, which has offices in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. He brings two decades of experience, having worked at leading studios such as Psyop and Method, and credits that span both commercials and feature films.

“I was very excited to work at Carbon because I had several friends who had been working there that spoke very highly of the studio,” says Isaac. “In my eyes, Carbon was making a great buzz on the streets. I liked the boutique vibe of a growing and flourishing company, compared to what I was used to at larger shops. It’s a lot more intimate and you really feel at home with this crew.”

Irvin’s favorite part of the creative process is making sketches and style frames come to life. 

“It can sometimes be very tricky under tight budget and time constraints, but this is the part I love the most,” he states. “I’m always looking for new ways to make the VFX process more efficient.”  
Isaac’s commercial credits include work for Apple, Coca-Cola, GE and Samsung. His feature credits include Iron Man 3, Speed Racer, Real Steel, RoboCop and G.I. Joe, to name just a few. Recently, he worked on an action-packed game trailer for Apex Legends Season 12, which involved creating many assets and environments, as well as animating and rendering 166 shots for the visceral, almost three-minute film.