Cut+Run editors complete work on four Super Bowl spots
February 14, 2022

Cut+Run editors complete work on four Super Bowl spots

LOS ANGELES — Cut+Run ( editors worked on a number of commercials that aired during Super Bowl LVI on Sunday, February 13th.

Cut+Run editor Ben Campbell cut a :60 spot for Visit CA that’s designed to promote tourism in the Golden State. Am I Dreaming was conceived by The Shipyard and produced by Superprime, with Rodrigo Valdes directing. The commercial is driven by track from Queen and features a woman floating through the state, which offers forests and wildlife, roller coasters, a beautiful coastline, entertainment and sports. She awakens poolside and asks if she has been dreaming, only to learn that what she imagined is entirely possible in California. Campbell used Avid Media Composer for the edit.

Editor Jay Nelson cut a :60 spot for Taco Bell that features students at a clown college busting out of their bland lunch period and heading to the fast-food chain. The Grande Escape was conceived by agency Deutsch and produced by Biscuit, with Los Perez directing. The clowns make a high-speed getaway, causing the roof of their car to blow off. The wind then blows off their makeup and clothes, leaving them in a relieved state as they pull up at Taco Bell. Those left behind at the school find a packet of hot sauce, which explains their classmates’ motivation. Nelson used Avid 2020 and Adobe Premiere for the edit, along with Audition for various sound elements.

A new Rakuten spot makes shoppers feel like winners when they score cash back at thousands of stores. High Stakes was conceived by Rakuten Direct and produced by Furlined, with Matt Aselton directing. The :60 commercial, edited by Cut+Run’s Pete Koob, takes place at an exclusive party, where guests are intensely betting at one table game. Two women will do anything to win their hand, going all in with expensive shoes, flat screen TVs and even a Roomba. Only the cash back received by a Rakuten customer could top the bidding, leaving one woman defeated. To make things worse, her lucky cat seems to have become preoccupied by the Roomba vacuum. Koob cut the project using Adobe Premiere Pro.

And Cut+Run editor Gary Knight completed work on a :30 spot for Gillette, out of creative agency Grey.Introducing: GilletteLabs with Exfoliating Bar shows the company’s latest razor, which includes a new feature designed to improve the shaving experience. Ruffian produced the commercial, which was directed by Martin Krejci.