Disguise launches Metaverse Labs for creating next-level experiences
September 30, 2022

Disguise launches Metaverse Labs for creating next-level experiences

LONDON — Disguise (www.disguise.one) has launched Metaverse Labs, a global network of labs filled with creative and technical experts that can empower brands, creatives and technologists to deliver experiences in the metaverse. As part of Disguise’s Metaverse Solutions division, each lab will merge R&D, creative services and consultancy to help clients achieve their vision.
Led by chief collaboration officer Abi Bowman, Disguise Metaverse Labs bridges the talent gap to keep Disguise and its community at the forefront of change, all while empowering development and exploration in the metaverse. It has established partnerships with metaverse and virtual production experts Zerospace, Nowhere, Improbable, Film Soho, Super Bonfire, XR Studios, All of it Now, Zoan, Boum and Shape. As a result, Disguise Metaverse Labs aims to democratize and share insight, develop the skills and talent for tomorrow, and advise, consult and create future-facing experiences. Disguise Metaverse Labs will serve as an end-to-end solution for anyone seeking to experiment and innovate within the metaverse, which represents a potential $8 trillion market.
“R&D and technology breakthroughs are rapidly changing the industry around us, all while impacting how we consume content and interact with others,” says Disguise CEO, Fernando Küfer. “Only three years ago, remote work was not the norm and it's amazing how far we’ve come in such a short space of time – once we’re enabled with the right technology. With the metaverse continually evolving, and innovators taking giant leaps every day, soon it will become part of our reality. Along with our network of expert partners, Disguise Metaverse Labs are exploring new realms of entertainment and are here to help creatives deliver the impossible in an ever-changing technology landscape.”
Disguise is a founding member of the Metaverse Standards Forum (MSF). The company’s proprietary RenderStream infrastructure is able to connect real and virtual worlds, and has  powered over 600 extended reality productions across more than 35 countries. In the past two years, Disguise’s Extended Reality (xR) workflow has powered live entertainment for music artists such as Katy Perry and Billie Eilish; film and episodic TV productions for Netflix and Amazon Prime; corporate presentations for Siemens and Verizon; and live broadcast programs from Eurosport, MTV and ITV.
“Our goal is to explore the intersection of the live and virtual world, and take human experiences to the next level,” explains Bowman. “We do this by giving the most creative people in the world brand new ways to express themselves. New creative opportunities and possibilities can now be unlocked with confidence.”
First established in Auckland by head of labs New Zealand, Sam Folkard, Disguise Metaverse Labs is expanding globally. A UK division was formed and is headed by Stuart Mckenna, and a division in Los Angeles is growing too. Global head of labs, Lara Bowen, plans to bring together local partners in New York, Seoul and Montreal. She will also continue establishing Disguise Metaverse Labs’ global presence. Disguise is supported by ROE Visual, which provides the LED for all the labs locations.
“With more of us eager to live our experiences in a virtual world, there will be a seismic shift in how we communicate, interact and deliver these experiences together,” says Bowen. “For the Disguise community, that shift in workflow means both big opportunities and a steep learning curve. That’s why we started Disguise Metaverse Labs. By offering the tools and training to create innovative metaverse experiences, we aim to give creatives around the globe more time to experiment with big ideas – without worrying about the technicalities of their setup.”