Facilis previews upcoming shared-storage technology
April 29, 2022

Facilis previews upcoming shared-storage technology

HUDSON, MA — Facilis (www.facilis.com), the provider of high performance shared storage solutions for collaborative media production networks, was at the 2022 NAB Show in Las Vegas with a number of announcements. The company held a technology preview of WANLink Client, a new remote workflow feature based on the Facilis Shared File System. Facilis WANLink Client provides a secure, remote link to Facilis storage through the same Facilis Console software used in the facility. WANLink Client can provide secure storage access without latency and the complexity of VPN, and will be available in Q2 at no additional cost.

With the WANLink Client, the same volume attributes, access rules and paths are available across the internet through an encrypted link to the Facilis server in the customer facility. With the push of a button, the administrator can place secure volumes onto the desktops of remote workstations with no interaction from the remote worker. Bandwidth priority settings help remote workstations maintain better throughput when multiple clients are using the same server uplink. 

“Our customers have been struggling with remote access work for some time, and any innovation in the market has resulted in solutions that are costly and not easily deployed,” explains Facilis Technology’s CMO, Jim McKenna. “RDP and Cloud have served some workflows well, but when our customers want the same experience and access control on the WAN as they have in-facility, they can now use the field-tested stability of our Shared File System and new Smart Access Rules.”

Facilis also presented Version 8.1 at NAB 2022. The Facilis Shared File System is the core of the HUB Shared Storage workflow environment, and V.8.1 adds a number of new features. Facilis Smart Access Rules is a graphical interface that allows administrators to add custom policies to volume resources to provide or deny access for users or groups. A new ‘delete restore’ feature allows the administrator to replace files deleted from users back to their original location, or flush them from the system. And enhanced file system audit capabilities enable auditing on a location to track user access down to the file level for any action taken by a logged-in user.

In addition, new platform support has been added for MacOS Monterey (Version 12), and M1 ARM Macs with Ethernet and Fibre Channel connectivity.