Kleio Kolitsopoulos appointed producer at Squeak E. Clean Studios
September 6, 2022

Kleio Kolitsopoulos appointed producer at Squeak E. Clean Studios

NEW YORK CITY — Global creative audio network Squeak E. Clean Studios (www.squeakeclean.com) has added Kleio Kolitsopoulos as a producer out of its New York City studio. With over a decade of experience telling memorable stories through sound, Kolitsopoulos will leverage her multidisciplinary music production background to produce a wide range of projects for Squeak E. Clean Studios. 

Kolitsopoulos is an artist herself, who produces and writes music under the name Kleio Kol. Outside of Squeak E. Clean, she is often working on her own music, producing records for independent artists, or composing music for TV, film and commercials. Some of her collaborations have included work for John Deere, Nike, Mazda, UPS, Verizon, World Woman Foundation and Mountain Dew.

“Kleio brings such an infectious energy and enthusiasm to everything she does, on top of her music and production experience which is top notch,” notes Squeak E. Clean Studios’ executive producer, Kit Winter. “She is the rare trifecta of a composer with audio engineer background, combined with a production approach that excels at building strong client relationships. She has the innate ability to bring customized approaches to her clients across creative, technical and the production side of every job she produces.”

Kolitsopoulos is a first-generation Greek-American, born and raised in New York. Following studies in business management and audio engineering, she began her career in the music tech space at cloud-based music creation and collaboration platform Indaba Music (acquired by Splice) as a business development coordinator. She was eventually promoted to manager and wore multiple hats while overseeing production and strategic partnerships. In 2019, she teamed up with a friend to launch a boutique music production and sync shop in Brooklyn, where she spearheaded operations and eventually production. After two-and-a-half years, she embraced the opportunity to get even closer to the creative process, while also tapping into her depth of experience with project management and client collaboration in her new role at Squeak E. Clean Studios.