London's Work Editorial hires Daniel Mitchell
February 15, 2022

London's Work Editorial hires Daniel Mitchell

LONDON — Work Editorial ( has announced the addition of Daniel Mitchell to its team of editing talent. With a body of work that is strongly focused on narrative and tone, Mitchell seeks to entertain as well as challenge and engage his audience. His portfolio includes projects for Volkswagen, Nissan, Lexus and Samsung, as well as beauty and beverage brands. 

Mitchell recently relocated to London from South Africa. 

“The work in London is more creative and challenging; the bar is higher,” he says. “South Africa doesn’t really have the same level of job opportunities. The UK is somewhere I can really hone my craft.”

His time in South Africa strongly influenced his work and afforded him a lot of creative freedom. 

“I like rough and gritty filmmaking, and I’ve learned not to be afraid of loose cameras and a lot of movement,” he explains. “I’m always focused on the narrative, but I also like to look at who is telling the story, and why we are looking at them. Cinematic tone is a core focus - how we’re going to package that story.”

“Daniel’s passion, energy, creativity and knack for telling powerful stories make him a perfect fit for the team at Work,” notes Work founder Jane Dilworth. “We’re thrilled to welcome him on board.”