Muse updates Audacity audio editor/recorder, launches file sharing service
September 26, 2022

Muse updates Audacity audio editor/recorder, launches file sharing service

SAN FRANCISCO — Muse Group (, the developer of free open source software for music composition and production, has released Audacity 3.2, the latest version of its audio editor and recorder. Audacity 3.2 is designed to be an end-to-end production tool and now includes realtime effects support, non-destructive editing, VST3 support, UX and UI improvements, and quick audio sharing via the newly-launched, which allows creators to easily share audio files by simply sending a link to the intended recipients. 

With Audacity 3.2, effects can now be adjusted in realtime, allowing for changes in timing and precise edits while listening to audio. Audacity 3.2 also brings improved non-destructive audio capabilities, where creators can tweak the effects without changes being permanently written into the audio file. 

Virtual Studio Technology (VST3 support) is also enhanced with the new production update. Audacity 3.2 delivers a more streamlined experience for creators with a completely rewritten code base, providing a more stable and reliable VST platform. From a visual perspective, Audacity 3.2 introduces a clearer and more consistent experience. A new ‘Audio Setup’ option also allows for quick and easy changes to input, mic and output settings. 

Audacity 3.2 is available to creators for free. Muse Group acquired Audacity in 2021 with the intention of improving Audacity’s functionality and features for an easier user experience. The combination of Audacity 3.2 with quick audio sharing and cloud storage brings freely accessible music software to creators everywhere. This is the next step in the company’s journey of turning the audio tool into a full-fledged DAW.