Music Video: Baba Jenkins — <I>Wild</I>
October 27, 2022

Music Video: Baba Jenkins — Wild

Los Angeles-based Baba Jenkins recently released their debut album “Copper,” as well as a music video from the 10-track record. Wild is set in a shuttered club, with a dusty bar and vacant stage. A young couple explores the property and imagines the possibilities of turning it into a vibrant musical venue. Suspicious at first, the couple appear in black & white as they explore the space, but upon imagining a cool band hitting the stage, the venue come alive with color and activity.

Baba Jenkins consists of Rone Worthen (vocals), Guy Keefer (guitar/production), Ekko Gaha (drums) and Kerwin “Skooter” Williams (bass/production), and each member is given an opportunity to shine on the album’s different tracks. The group draws inspiration from a wide array of musical influences and styles, and refers to their sound as “gumbo.” Portions of their album sales go toward Sharing Love With Others, a non-profit that helps feed homeless people on Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles.

According to director Katie Pyne (pictured), the music video was shot in color, with the black & white sections styled in post. The production shot with Arri’s Alexa and Zeiss anamorphic lenses, though the beginning and ending scenes were captured using Cooke spherical lenses.

“The movement you see in the video was done with a Steadicam,” Pyne explains, noting that the edit came together in Adobe Premiere.