Music Video: Francesca Brown — <I>Wrong to Right</I>
September 6, 2022

Music Video: Francesca Brown — Wrong to Right

On September 2nd, California-based Country singer/songwriter Francesca Brown released the single and video for Wrong to Right, the first from her upcoming album, which is scheduled for a Spring 2023 release. The Meadows Heavy Records’ artist used the songwriting process as her own self-therapy session, helping her cope with the unstable environment she grew up in, which included divorce, addiction and witnessing domestic violence. Wrong to Right reflects her self growth from teen to adult, and how she is now raising her own children.

According to director Mike Garcia, who shot the project, Brown had a very clear vision of the concept and where she wanted to shoot.

“It was my job, as the director, cinematographer and editor, to bring her vision to fruition,” he states. “So for me, it was a great collaboration. I had been shooting music videos on my iPhone 8 Plus, but we shot this music video on my iPhone 11 Pro Max, and I used a Moment 58mm lens occasionally. Francesca also shot some of the footage on her iPhone as well, and she would send me the footage. Francesca had a strong vision for Wrong to Right, and I'm very happy to have been a part of bringing it to life.”