Music Video: Jawny — <I>Adios</I>
October 14, 2022

Music Video: Jawny — Adios

Jawny’s Adios video finds the Interscope Records artist on the other side of heartbreak, detailing the deterioration of a relationship. The indie-pop artist’s deceptively light-hearted arrangement is paired with dizzying visuals that follow Jawny as he recklessly cruises through empty back streets while hanging out the passenger window of a car on a sunny afternoon. 

“I could sit here and give a really smart sounding press quote, where I make up a story to make this song sound really serious and pretentious,” says Jawny on the track, “but the truth of the matter is, I wrote a song that I believe in. I made the best music video of all time for it, and now it’s out in the world and it’s yours. Go nuts with that.” 

The music video was directed by Spencer Ford, who says the entire project was shot using a GoPro camera, mounted on an FPV racing drone that was piloted by Jay Christensen.

“There's really not a lot of editing in this video, there's only one cut between two long uninterrupted shots,” Ford explains. “At the end of the first shot, the drone flies up to blue sky and some balloons float into frame. Those balloons are the only VFX in this video. Everything else you're seeing is real. It took a lot of planning and it wouldn't have been possible without Kevin Clark/Screens production co. The route had to be mapped out & storyboarded beforehand, and approved by the city so that we could shut down nine blocks in downtown LA. We had people on every corner to make sure it was safe for Samy Maloof, our stunt driver, to tear through the streets and do some pretty incredible driving.”

Jawny also released a music video for Wide Eyed, which serves as a continuation of the Adios video.