Music Video: Liv.e — <I>Ghost</I>
Marc Loftus
October 24, 2022

Music Video: Liv.e — Ghost

Liv.e (Instagram: _osun), who was raised in Dallas and is now based in Los Angeles, recently directed a music video for her new single, Ghost. The track’s high-energy breakbeat is juxtaposed with ethereal synths and piano, along with her emotive vocals on top and serves as a preview to her forthcoming album, expected to be released in 2023. 

The Ghost music video was shot by Qlick (Cinque Mubarak) and Flatspot, and basks the artist in beams of red and blue light. Production took place at Flatspot’s studio in Oakland, CA, over two days. The space at Flatspot is small but flexible, allowing the team to move and dress walls as they saw fit. 

Canon’s C100 was used as the main camera for the shoot. Imagery of Liv.e appears through what looks to be a fractured kaleidoscopic lens. 

"The concept for the visuals mirrors the energy of the song and my mind state when I wrote it,” says Liv.e. “Ghost was made in observation of myself going through the stages of grief after a major loss."

The video was edited at Flatspot using Adobe Premiere and After Effects. The team held a number of Zoom calls to discuss the progress over the course of a few weeks’ time.

With a finished video now under her belt, Liv.e says she learned that even with planning and preparation, you should still have a backup plan.

“Try to follow a plan as much as you can, but don't get too attached to that plan because it might lead to unnecessary disappointment.”