Music Video: M.I.A. - <I>Popular</I>
August 24, 2022

Music Video: M.I.A. - Popular

Popular, the new music video from British rapper M.I.A., positions the artist face to face with her robotic clone. Directed by Arnaud Bresson and produced by Division, the video illustrates how life in the spotlight calls for a dichotomy between personal and public perception.

Modern Post’s ( lead creative editor/partner William Town cut the music video, which takes on the rudimentary format of a casting tape. There, M.I.A. teaches her clone to mimic the moves and attitudes that will make her “popular.” Viewers may be led to interpret the video's narrative as questioning the influence of social media, and whether it’s a source for creating armies of clones.

Popular was cut by Town using Adobe Premiere. The Mill Paris provided post production services for the project, which was shot by DP Evan Prosofsky. Arthur Paux ( gave the video its color treatment.

Watch Popular HERE.