Music Video: Sabrina Song - <I>Doors</I>
June 14, 2022

Music Video: Sabrina Song - Doors

BROOKLYN, NY — Alt-pop singer/songwriter Sabrina Song (IG: iamsabrinasong; Facebook: @sabrinasonggg) recently shared her first single, a contemplative track titled Doors from her forthcoming EP, set for release this winter. The tune finds Song reckoning with the desire to hold on to herself in the midst of an unhealthy relationship. The track sees the artist gently exploring toxicity and reckoning with ways to address a relationship that has remained unsustainable. 

The Doors music video was directed by Zac Dov Wiesel and sees Song reliving high school moments, including birthday parties, football games and prom preparation. The football players appear throughout the video, representing a underlying tension in her life.

"We wanted to capture this time in adolescence that is filled with such an odd mix of feelings,” explains the director. “To portray something that is so serious yet so silly. Capture something that feels so real and is also filled with artifice. We imagined a lot of these scenes like moments frozen in time, like photographs. What does it look like to be winning but also be so hurt?"
Wiesel says everything was shot locked down and in slow-motion, mostly using 18mm Super Speeds, keeping everything mostly wide in an effort to capture a mixture of both a warmness and a coldness.  

“We wanted to capture more than one tone in what would be these interpretations of adolescent memories,” he explains. “We would use a frontal spotlight for the football and trophy room scenes to evoke the qualities of a strange dream. This would juxtapose the more warm, natural lighting employed in the scenes that took place in the home.” 

The performance set-ups were shot using varied frame rates.

“When we would play it back, the movement would sync to the song but have an almost eerie smooth look. It helps instill a further subtle off-putting feeling in the overall movement of the piece.”