Music Video: Yasmina — <I>Here You Go Again</I>
July 22, 2022

Music Video: Yasmina — Here You Go Again

Yasmina’s new music video Here You Go Again uses the 4:3 aspect ratio to create a vibe that compliments her retro sound. The project was directed by Reece Daniels and Jivensley Alexis of New York City’s Kairon Pictures (, with Aashish Joshi serving as producer.

According to the directing duo, the goal was to capture the reverie of the song, so they opted for a sun-heavy, exterior shoot. The shoot day, however, was plagued with random clouds, so they had to be quick when the opportunity finally presented itself.

Daniels and Kim Johnson served as cinematographers, shooting with Blackmagic Design’s Pocket Cinema Camera 4K and Ursa Mini 4.6K. The Pocket Cinema Camera 4K tends to be their go-to camera, thanks to its compact and efficient design.

Here You Go Again was edited in Adobe Premiere Pro and colored in DaVinci Resolve.

“This was a very low-budget production,” note the directors, “so we couldn't afford any filters like glimmerglass or pro-mist. Most of the look of the video was created in post during coloring. DaVinci's grain and halation effects are really solid.”

Keith Leung acted as assistant director and Nick Knezevich was production assistant on the project.