Nugen plug-ins help re-recording mixer James Wichall streamline workflow
July 7, 2022

Nugen plug-ins help re-recording mixer James Wichall streamline workflow

LONDON ― James Wichall fell into the business of sound design by chance while working in the legal department at UK-based Ragdoll, the production company behind the popular Teletubbies children’s television program. It was there that he was first introduced to the role of sound design. His fondness for work in sound led him to a staff role for four years, until he decided to go freelance. He has since worked as a re-recording mixer and dialogue editor on various TV and film projects.  

While Wichall still regularly works with Ragdoll in-house, he also mixes and edits from his home studio. Over the course of his career, he has worked on independent and short films, including Fantastic Beasts and Trainspotting 2, as well as a new children’s television series, Bot and the Beasties, which is currently available in the UK. To help support his mixing workflows, Wichall relies on Nugen Audio’s Loudness Toolkit and Halo Upmix and Downmix software.  

When it comes to mixing projects, Wichall says he integrates Nugen’s ( VisLM and ISL plug-ins throughout the entire process, be it for a heavy mix or something lighter, where he is tweaking tracks. This might involve spreading them out more or adding reverb as needed. Regardless of the job size, VisLM and ISL help him meet compliance standards, while also allowing him to retain creativity.   

“I’ve used lots of loudness software and there’s not really anything else that’s as good as Nugen,” Wichall states. “They are very quick and accurate, and I can run a lot of meters together without killing my session, which is always nice. Before the Nugen ISL limiter, I always had an issue with catching those transient peaks, but these tools have been a lifesaver.”

Wichall also notes that when he first began to use Nugen’s loudness tools, the ease-of-use and intuitiveness of the visual meters made the transition from peak program meters a breeze. 

“I love that all of the visual settings aren’t hidden away, and that everything’s just there, ready for me,” he explains. “If there’s too many graphics and other things going on, it can kill your computer’s performance. My focus should be on the sound, not the visuals. Nugen managed to find a great balance in its interface between form and function.”

Wichall also heavily relies on LM-Correct, which provides huge time saving in meeting loudness standards. 

“The LM-Correct plug-in is not overly complex, it just does what it needs to do and saves so much time. Prior to using it, I was metering the audio on my mixes and then just gaining stuff up and down until they matched the way I wanted. LM-Correct just does that for you. It’s a huge time saver and definitely worth the money.”