Reduct providing transcription & editing tools for nonscripted content
Marc Loftus
March 11, 2022

Reduct providing transcription & editing tools for nonscripted content

SAN FRANCISCO — Reduct ( has created a new editing solution that will have a familiar look to those who are comfortable using word processing software. The company’s web-based solution allows users to upload video footage, where dialogue is then automatically transcribed using AI technology. Users can then assemble video sequences by cutting together the transcribed text, much like they would using Google Docs.

Reduct was founded by Prabhas Pokharel and Robert Ochshorn back in 2017 and has offices in San Francisco, New York City and Kathmandu. Pokharel likens their solution to Avid’s ScriptSync, but for the non-scripted world. The tool is well suited for documentary-type productions, serving as an online video repository that also offers text-based search and editing functions, as well as the ability to collaborate among project members.

As a web-based solution, users can upload video footage for transcription, which Reduct handles using third-party AI technology.

“We don't care about what kind (of footage),” says Pokharel. “We are very agnostic on the kind of footage we accept. In very high level production environments, people will often upload a proxy to us. We'll store your proxy and everybody can collaborate on the story with the proxy.”

Once video is uploaded and transcribed, users can search, highlight and assemble video sequences using text as their edit point. The company claims this way of working is up to 12x faster than using a timeline-based approach of an NLE. Reduct has also developed an Adobe Premiere extension for users who want to export their videos for further refinement. 

The company offers subscription-based plans that start with a single “Pro” user, who can have up to 12 hours of footage transcribed for $16/month, spanning up to six projects. A “Team” subscription will empower up to five editors, who can upload up to 60 hours of footage for $180/month. “Enterprise” plans are also available for an unlimited number of users, hours of footage and projects. Reduct also offers free seats for those who simply need to comment on the progress of a project.

The AI technology used for the transcription process is very accurate, however, should a project require analysis that only a human ear can decipher, the company offers human a transcription service for roughly $2 per minute of footage.

In the year ahead, Pokharel says Reduct will be working to extend its collaboration tools further. They will also be improving the roundtrip workflow between Premiere and Reduct

“Currently, it's sort of a little bit ‘one way,’ where once you create a rough cut, it ends up in Premiere,” he explains. “We're thinking about the iteration loop - how to pull cuts back from Premiere into Reduct for further collaboration.”

This includes integrating title slides into Reduct and that will show up as markers on the Premiere timeline, and making the commenting functionality more robust, where comments made in Reduct carry through to Premiere.