Uppercut adds editor Ben McCambridge
May 16, 2022

Uppercut adds editor Ben McCambridge

LOS ANGELES — Uppercut (www.uppercutedit.com), the editorial, finishing and VFX studio, has added editor Ben McCambridge to its growing Los Angeles team. McCambridge has nearly two decades of experience and has worked across commercial and branded content for global brands. He edited Create Your Way for Andis, the barbering and styling tools company, as well as Lyft’s It All Started With A Bike, which illustrates the company’s partnership with Lebron James and Uninterrupted to provide bikes-hare access to teenagers across the country. Also counted amongst McCambridge’s best work is the powerful Veterans for Gun Reform, an over-the-top comedy-meets-action spot for Jack In The Box. Other clients include Halo Top, Facebook, Starbucks, Dockers, Vice and Smirnoff.

The variety in genre and technicality that can be explored within commercial work, coupled with the  opportunities that the current creative era offers, keep McCambridge excited for what comes next. 

“I have always been drawn to editing in order to bring order to chaos,” he explains. “That has never changed. Whether it’s a well-told joke or the ability to tap into the emotional vein of a story in a visceral way and move it forward, I love the projects that allow me to learn something about the world and, in the process, something about myself. I can’t wait to do more of this with the amazing crew at Uppercut.” 

“Ben’s extreme skill is in his restrained approach and his knack for finding the emotion in the quiet,” says Lisa Houck, managing director of Uppercut. “His depth of understanding of his craft, and of storytelling itself, is what makes us so thrilled to have him onboard.”

In addition to Los Angeles, Uppercut has locations in New York and Atlanta.