Winners announced in Filmsupply Edit Fest competition
August 23, 2022

Winners announced in Filmsupply Edit Fest competition

After 30 days and more than 900 submissions, the winners were announced for Filmsupply Edit Fest ( The competition’s goal was to inspire editors while giving them a chance to split more than $50K worth of prizes. They would also earn an entrance to The Sundance Film Festival.

This year's winning edits spanned four categories: Title Sequence, Movie Trailer, Advertisement and People's Choice. The following is a compelete list of winners:

Jamie Lee, Vivid Memories

Director/Editor/Color/Sound/Story: Jamie Lee (
Voice Over Artist: Lucia Pan

“Imagery was cohesive, the cut was evocative and very compelling tonally. Sensed strong intention and storytelling in the image selection. It teased a great amount of story—not too much, nor too little. Bravo.” — Caitlyn Greene

Jamie Lee is a director and editor originally from Bristol and currently living in London. When we contacted him to share news of his win, we asked a little more about his edit:

FILMSUPPLY: What was the biggest obstacle you had to overcome for this edit?

JAMIE: Having to not use too many shots. My original cut for the trailer had a whole secondary section that I ended up taking out after revisiting the project with fresh eyes. I had to restrain myself from using a lot of extra shots that I didn’t need as although they looked nice, they didn’t add anything to the narrative and/or actually took away focus from the narrative I was trying to build.

FILMSUPPLY: What were your takeaways from this experience?

JAMIE: Less is more. My initial instinct, when given 75 clips to play with, was to download as many as possible as there were some really amazing shots to work with. However in the end I managed to use just 26 shots to build a teaser for a much larger world without showing too much.

At the End of Time, Where Darkness Falls, Crevasse, Vengeful Retribution, The Eye

Pete Ward, Tranquility

Director/Editor: Pete Ward (

“You weaved a fascinating story and various timelines that felt retro-futuristic, nostalgic, and doomed.. with a touch of deep state conspiracy. It left me with the feeling of wanting to watch the show to find out. Sound design was very impactful for emotion, juxtaposition, and story.” — Heidi Berg

Pete Ward is an editor based in Sydney with experience in everything from documentaries to commercial videos, music videos, and more.

FILMSUPPLY: Why did you choose to enter Filmsupply Edit Fest?

PETE: I find it a great creative exercise to produce an idea from start to finish without any restraints from clients. The Filmsupply catalog really gives you a creative sandpit to work in and encourages you to think in clever ways to get your idea across.

FILMSUPPLY: Where did your idea/concept come from? 

PETE: I had worked on an ill-fated project that required me to immerse myself in the NASA archives, in particular the Apollo missions. It’s such a romantic time in the history of man’s achievement. I wanted to turn that into something a little darker.

Experience Pete Ward’s Jonestown, the winning Title Sequence for Filmsupply Edit Fest 2019.

Modern Western Drama, Resistance, the butterfly effect, Here, Magnus

Corry Wiens, Nexus, the Blade
Director/Editor/Writer/Colorist: Corry Wiens (
Motion Graphics: Gavin Buckland
VFX: Dustin Turner
3D Modeling and Animation: Luke Fritz
Sound Design: Ryan Pribyl
Voice Over Artist: Robert Ricotta

“This editing is incredible. The sound design is fantastic. The visual motion and how it transitions the same energy and movement from shot to shot. This is one of the best-edited pieces I’ve seen, period.” — Dallas Taylor

Corry Wiens is an award-winning director and editor based out of Los Angeles, CA. His unique style lives in the intersection of story and grit, resulting in beautiful pieces that leave a lasting impression. His knack for story comes from over a decade of experience as a commercial editor in Chicago, IL.

FILMSUPPLY: Where did your idea/concept come from?

CORRY: In my research for the project, I came across an old 1960s documentary on the history of Japanese sword making. This gave me the idea to use a similar vintage style as the backbone of the narrative for the film. Although I had been working on the overall concept for some time, the idea for the visual style didn’t come about until after I decided to enter the competition. It was this merging of old, vintage documentary with new, sleek car footage that evolved into what the final spot is.

FILMSUPPLY: What were your takeaways from this experience?

CORRY: I think the biggest takeaway for me was just to always create things primarily for yourself. If I would have gone into this competition just trying to make something that I thought would win, I don’t think the final piece would have turned out the same way. I feel incredibly honored to have won the judge’s prize, but even if I didn’t win, it would still feel like a victory to just have this piece to share with others.

Whether it’s hired work or not, just create things that you are passionate and excited about, and then quality will follow after that.

Imagine the Possibilities, Musiccor, Lacrimosa, FAKIE, Force of Nature

James Dierx + Ericka Clevenger, Imagine the Possibilities

Directors/Editors: Jamies Dierx ( + Ericka Clevenger

“Really amazing concept! I love how it’s a PSA for something that seems obvious, but hasn’t been the case over the years. I felt really connected to the brand after watching the manifesto. Fantastic work” — Dallas Taylor

Ericka Clevenger and James Dierx are a creative duo from Los Angeles, CA. Both share a background in advertising with a passion for business and gender equality. Ericka is a writer and director who specializes in children’s advertising and James is an editor with a passion for strong visual storytelling.

FILMSUPPLY: Where did your idea/concept come from?

JAMES + ERICKA: We had a few of them, but this one stood out to us the most after reviewing Filmsupply’s website. James pushed for us to put [the] story first, as opposed to making something that just looked cool. With Ericka’s background in children’s advertising, plus the recent overturning of Roe vs. Wade, we both wanted to use this as an opportunity to put out a positive message for women and young girls.

FILMSUPPLY: What was the biggest obstacle you had to overcome for this edit?

JAMES + ERICKA: Once we wrote the idea, we had only four days to edit, color correct, secure voice-over talent, sound design, etc. It was a very fast turnaround, but we are proud of what we made in such a short time.