Wylie Co. adds compositing and Unreal Engine talent
May 11, 2022

Wylie Co. adds compositing and Unreal Engine talent

CULVER CITY, CA — Wylie Co. (https://wylie.co) recently welcomed Daniel Lang back as full-time staff compositor, as well as added Unreal Engine artist Bryan Bigler. Lang has been a Nuke compositor for over 10 years, but has been creating visual effects since he was a teenager. He got his start working with Maxon’s Cinema 4D and later learned Adobe After Effects, developing his skills while working on his own projects until he started working for The Mill in 2010. He was hired as a compositor shortly after and learned Nuke, working at the studio up until 2019, when he took a job at Wylie Co. on Terminator: Dark Fate.  

Photo (top): Daniel Lang

Bigler has been working professionally since 2011, creating music videos, YouTube content, commercials and features while embracing a software-junkie mentality. He eventually crossed paths with Wylie Co. founder Jake Maymudes and Wylie VFX on a Walmart/Xbox commercial, where he served as creative director and editor. Bigler discovered a love for Unreal Engine and realtime compositing, which led him to virtual production.

Bryan Bigler

“Bryan Bigler and one of our favorite freelance artists has returned to staff roles with us,” says Wylie Co.’s Jacob Maymudes. “Bryan Bigler will be advancing our Unreal Engine pipeline, while Dan brings strong creative eyes to our compositor team. These two are top-notch artists and have spent many years at cutting edge facilities like The Mill, Framestore and MPC. We’re humbled they chose Wylie Co. for staff roles.”

“I feel incredibly fortunate to be bolted onto the team at Wylie Co,” says Biger. “I'm literally getting to work on my dream project. The things these guys are getting into will change the playing field for pre-visualization and post visualization.”

“Wylie Co. is such a great company to work for,” adds Lang. “They have great projects, an excellent pipeline and all my coworkers are quite talented.”