2G Digital adds three executives to address market disruption
October 13, 2023

2G Digital adds three executives to address market disruption

BURBANK, CA — 2G Digital Post (www.2gdigital.com) has appointed three new co-executive leaders in an effort to advance and strengthen the company’s ability to efficiently and effectively tailor content for screens worldwide. The move comes during a period of unprecedented market disruption and opportunity.

Photo (L-R): Garry Donnan, Allan McLennan and Scott Sherr

The new team is comprised of Gary Donnan (Technicolor/Eutelsat), who joins as CEO advisor; Allan McLennan (Atos/Eviden/Rentrak), who comes on board as president; and Scott Sherr (Sony Pictures Entertainment), who will serve as vice chairman & managing director.

2G Digital Post focuses on providing best-of-breed services in content fulfillment, accurate localization and quality control. With the new appointments, the firm is focusing on being at the forefront of localization and intelligent media optimization by providing scalable transformative solutions backed by accurate, on-time, on-spec content delivery. 

"In today's business climate, where many post production facilities have been facing challenges, consolidation or struggle to stay connected, 2G Digital Post is proud to have positioned itself to not just survive the impact of current workflow disruptions, but more importantly, improve how we service our clients,” states Leslie Wilson, 2G Digital’s owner and chairperson. “Our decision to add a seasoned management team and dynamically flex our resources will ensure we meet clients’ evolving needs, and expand our capacity and services quickly and effectively. Now that we’re starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel regarding the WGA/SAG AFTRA and studios negotiations, we are confident we have an executive team in place that can provide clients with a strong portfolio of business experience that will be able optimize our operations teams and proprietary technology base for content creators, developers and distributors around the globe.”