Bella opens in Nashville for live-action production & post
August 30, 2023

Bella opens in Nashville for live-action production & post

NASHVILLE, TN — Fivestone Studios ( has launched Bella (, a new, full-service production studio dedicated to live-action production and post. The new venture will be led by partner and executive producer David Perry, who’s been a producer at Fivestone since 2015 and quickly assumed oversight of the production of story-driven commercials and branded content for the studio’s clientele, while continuing to develop and produce film and TV projects. 

Photo (L-R): Brian Altman, David Perry and Traylor Woodall

Fivestone Studios has worked with brands that include The United States Air Force, AbbVie, Goldman Sachs, Publix and Salesforce. The launch of Bella will allow Fivestone to focus on pioneering immersive multimedia developments.

Effective immediately, Bella is the exclusive home to accomplished and multitalented directors Anthony Pellino, Jeremy Liebovitch and Robert Adamo. Bella’s roster of editors includes Brandon Roten, Christian Whittemore, Ken Conrad and Tim Moore. Conrad is also well known as a colorist, while Moore is an accomplished Flame artist. Bella’s representation currently includes Devine Reps on the US West Coast, and Jack Reed Reps in the Southern US.

“Bella is a unique expression of David's passion, creativity and vision, multiplied by the A-level roster of talents he has brought together,” states Fivestone founder and chief creative officer, Traylor Woodall. “Together, they bring customer-focused solutions to every project. They listen, collaborate and solve problems in extraordinary ways, assuring our clients of top-level creative and deliverables that answer their biggest challenges.”

“David’s tireless pursuit of great storytelling, team building, and beautiful filmmaking is a wonder to behold,” adds chief operations officer Brian Altman. “We are truly excited for him and all the talents and clients who are going to benefit from Bella’s superpowers.”