Camp Lucky opens new XR stage
June 22, 2023

Camp Lucky opens new XR stage

DALLAS — Camp Lucky ( has launched The Volume at Camp Lucky, a new XR stage. The LED volume allows the studio to capture in-camera visual effects with interactive lighting and final pixel. The Volume features a 51-linear-foot, J-shaped LED volume that stands 15 feet tall with 3,400 square feet of vehicle-friendly support space. The XR stage incorporates three Unreal Engine systems to drive the 1.9mm pitch, 8K (7,680x2,304) native resolution imaging system. The stage also uses the Mo-Sys Star Tracker tracking system with lens encoder options for full control of the virtual camera inside the Unreal Engine environment.

Jason Starne is involved in all collaborations with The Volume at Camp Lucky, working closely with the studio’s directing talent, producing team and post artists. Starne is a media technologist with over 25 years of experience and precise knowledge of media workflows. He has worked with the likes of Disney, Warner Media, Tyler Perry Studios and NASA. 

“Jason and I have worked together in varying capacities over 20 years,” notes Camp Lucky partner Tim Nagle. “Knowing Jason’s history and passion, it was clear he was the right person to partner with on this new venture. It combines so many of the skillsets he already possesses. We knew we could build something special together.”

“In addition to bringing XR to this market, we are uniquely positioned as a creative collaborator in this innovative space – providing talent and experts who work fluently in virtual production,” adds Camp Lucky EP Brandon Tapp. “From Jason Starne and Tim Nagle, to our multifaceted directors and artists, we are partners from concept through delivery, and The Volume is an exciting creative approach and solution for clients.”

“The Volume is an extension to the already existing creative palette that Camp Lucky offers," Starne adds. “Virtual productions allow for things like endless magic hour and or filming in multiple locations that would otherwise be impossible to achieve in a single shoot day, and many other opportunities, including the ability to unite concepts together with production and post teams.”