CinemaTechnica giving away MiniCine Light to promote launch
April 28, 2023

CinemaTechnica giving away MiniCine Light to promote launch

DENVER — Long-time Post contributor Heath Firestone has launched; a new website and YouTube channel featuring reviews, tutorials, interviews, blogs and news, as well as a forum, all focusing on the production and post production space. Much of the content created for CinemaTechnica will be shared with Post, and to commemorate the launch, CinemaTechnica is hosting a raffle in which participants can win a CineTechGear MiniCine Light.

CineTechGear is the product arm of CinemaTechnica, and designs and sells mostly 3D-printed film gear designed by Heath Firestone. The first product to be released is the MiniCine Light, which is a 12V AC/DC 6.7W film light. The MiniCine Light was designed to be small but flexible in application. There are a number of accessories available, including different mounts, honeycomb egg crates, diffusion filters, and a variety of lantern attachments and barn doors. Other accessories will be available in the future too. 

A CineTechGear MiniCine Light, with accessories, is valued at more than $180. The winner will have their choice of color temperature, barndoor and mount. The unit will also come with a grid cloth diffusion filter, honeycomb egg crate, and power supply. If CinemaTechnica gets over 500 entries, this will be upgraded to include a mini light stand and sandbag, giving the winner the ultimate ‘desktop lamp’ configuration. 

The lights come in 3200K and 5600K 95+ CRI at over 500 Lumens. They are printed solid in high temperature plastic and are a rugged design. They [can also be serviced], and the bulbs can be swapped out as other bulbs become available. 

“I love these lights,” says Firestone. “I designed them for myself, but friends said I should sell them, so now I am. I am using eight of them in my studio for hair lights and eye lights. I use them in my flyaway kits, and always have at least one in my backpack. I also use them on my enclosed 3D printers, but my favorite application is on my desk, where I have the 3200K version with the 45 degree egg crate and barndoors on a mini light stand with a custom sandbag. Not only is it the coolest looking desk lamp I’ve seen, but it gives me full control. The egg crate gives me a hot spot with a nice gradient on my workspace, and the barn doors flag any stray light out of my eyes and off of my monitors, so I get light exactly where I want it and nowhere else.” 

To enter the competition, visit this link, where you can join the CinemaTechnica mailing list. Participants can increase their chance of winning by subscribing to CinemaTechnica’s YouTube Channel and other social media sites.

“We’re excited to continue our collaboration with Heath Firestone, who has been working with Post for many years,” states Marc Loftus, Post’s Editor in Chief. “Heath has contributed numerous blogs and product reviews in the past, and is also our production partner when it comes to shooting Post TV segments, such as those at the annual NAB show in Las Vegas. His knowledge of products, technologies and workflows is unparalleled, and Post’s audience will benefit from his insight on the latest technologies.”