DPA's new headquarters features space for R&D and creativity
September 20, 2023

DPA's new headquarters features space for R&D and creativity

KOKKEDAL, DENMARK - DPA Microphones (www.dpamicrophones.com), the Danish manufacturer of high-quality condenser microphones, has opened a new headquarters in the Copenhagen suburb of Kokkedal. The modernized space will put an emphasis on the brand’s research & development facilities, with significant upgrades and new studio spaces that encourage creativity. 

In addition to the creative spaces and visual upgrades, the 1,700-square-meter facility implements several green and environmental strategies, including WindowMaster climate solutions, energy-conscious LED lighting and electric vehicle charging stations. 

“DPA continually aims to inspire sound professionals looking to improve their solutions, and we are confident that the new headquarters will further enable this growth,” says DPA Microphones’ CEO, Kalle Nielsen. “The facility offers a great environment for close collaboration across the organization and with outside partners, which is the foundation we need to provide strong solutions. This high-tech environment will be the homebase for some of the world’s best microphone specialists, enabling them to create even better microphones and provide more education to the pro audio community.”

The new facility offers significant upgrades for R&D. A full anechoic chamber will aid in the creation of DPA’s precisely accurate mics. Additionally, a multi-room space is planned that will feature a video studio and controlled listening area for live and recorded demonstrations. The new location will have members from sales & marketing, finance, customer service and management in-house

“We wanted to create a modern and motivational work environment for our great employees,” Nielsen shares. “I truly believe we’ve been able to accomplish that. There is so much to look forward to in this space, from new product development to welcoming partners to tour our facilities. I’m most excited to see how the new headquarters will serve not only our employees, but the pro audio community as a whole.”