Director Nick Sokoloff joins roster at Sibling Films
October 18, 2023

Director Nick Sokoloff joins roster at Sibling Films

NEW YORK CITY — Sibling Films (, with offices in New York and Los Angeles, has added Nick Sokoloff to its roster of directors. Sokoloff is an editor-turned-director who is passionate about connecting with people and telling stories that capture their inner narratives on-screen. 

Early in his career, Sokoloff cut trailers for Disney, Paramount and Universal. He then moved into docu-series editing in the action sports world for brands that include Red Bull and the World Surf League. His latest directorial film, Osmosis, chronicles the dichotomy of security guards who work at The Metropolitan Museum of Art and other New York Museums by day and are also dedicated artists by night.

"My career to date has been rooted in working with non-actors and telling their authentic stories within the documentary genre,” he explains. “At Sibling Films, I’m keen to further my directorial voice.”

“Having already worked on one project with Nick, it has become apparent that he possesses the rare ability to refrain from saying cut until he’s in the edit bay, where he invariably unearths gold,” notes 
Darren Foldes, partner and managing director at Sibling Films. “Through his special brand of directorial alchemy, and an editing background that has made him clear in achieving his vision, Nick transmutes what he finds into magnetic and precise narratives.”